Got Mike! 6-Pack Coolers

The Got Mike Fund! 6-Pack CoolersWhen you purchase a Got Mike! 6-pack gift cooler, 15% of your purchase is donated directly to The Got Mike! Fund.

The Got Mike! Fund helps people with disabilities to have fun, be living again or maybe for the first time, be a part of the world, laugh, experience things they otherwise couldn't, and to feel more whole. In addition to their own projects, The Got Mike! Fund collaborates with other like-minded individuals and groups to act as a kick-starter to help people with disabilities see that life is to be lived and nothing should be "off limits". To learn more, visit them at

Each one of our exclusive Got Mike! 6-Pack Gift Coolers are "packed to order" to ensure that you (or your gift recipient) receive the freshest product possible. Rather than using a frilly basket as our base, we use a burgundy insulated nylon 6-pack cooler (with the Got Mike! logo on the front) that can be used daily for years to come. And at no additional charge, we can include a handwritten 5" x 4" postcard conveying your personalized message.

The cooler itself features a sturdy zipper closure, 20" strap handle for easy carrying, and a handy front pocket for storing small items. It measures 8"w x 6"d x 6"h and holds six 12oz cans of your favorite beverage. Great for school, work or play.

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