Buffalo Bills Barbecue Beef Jerky

Barbecue Beef Jerky All the familiar flavors of a summer backyard barbecue in a convenient snack you can take with you anywhere, anytime.

To make our barbecue jerky, we smoke premium lean cuts of beef over mesquite wood and flavor the meat with a special blend of spices. Then, we top it off with a touch of real molasses to get that familiar barbecue sauce tang. We think it’s the best barbecue jerky around, and our customers agree. It’s been a popular flavor since our start way back in 1990.

All of our jerky, whether it’s beef, turkey, or venison, is made from 100% lean meat that is sourced and produced in the United States. You can be confident that our jerky is high quality, tender, and above all, flavorful. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

BBQ Jerky & Assorted Flavor Gift Packs
Buffalo Bills barbecue flavored beef jerky is available in 1.75oz, 3.5oz, and 8oz packages, as well as in assorted flavor gift packs.