Buffalo Bills Cajun Beef Jerky

Cajun Beef Jerky Want to give your mouth a wake-up call?

Try Buffalo Bills classic Western-style cut beef jerky with traditional, spicy Cajun flavors. Flavored with freshly ground cayenne, black pepper, and chili peppers – this is a spicy jerky that will grab your senses by the throat.

Cajun cooking in America has its roots in the southern-most parts of Mississippi and Louisiana. Cajun cuisine is rich in flavor, spice, and is simply downright good! We take jerky making seriously here, much like southern cooks do with their food. So when we set out to create a Cajun-inspired beef jerky, we knew it had to live up to its name. If our customers’ love for this jerky is any indication, it is clear that we have a winner on our hands. A native Cajun might even say “C'est bon saccadé!” (That’s good jerky!)

The best beef jerky Good Heat

“I love hot and spicy foods. The heat and flavor of the Cajun Western Cut Beef Jerky are a perfect match with big taste and a jolt to the tongue. The Big Slab size goes well with friends, cool beverages, and watching the big race - plenty to share.” — Coastal Jerky Lover, North Carolina (Amazon reviewer)

Flavor Experience - A Slow Burn
Cajun Beef Jerky The first bite is deceptively sweet (from the hint of brown sugar), followed by smoke and teriyaki flavors. Next, the slow burn begins as the heat from the crushed chili pepper, cayenne, and black pepper kicks in. The heat will build in intensity and complexity as you eat more. Onion and garlic round out the taste profile and add depth to this beef jerky, while the meat flavor remains at the forefront.
Seasoned with chili peppers and cayenne
for a flavor that stays true to the cajun label.

Cajun Jerky Packs
Buffalo Bills Cajun flavored beef jerky is available in several different size packages, as well as in assorted gift packs. Our Western Cut beef jerky is thinly sliced from whole muscle, US-raised beef, and continues to be popular among classic Western-style jerky lovers.
Cajun Beef Jerky - 8oz Cajun Beef Jerky - 3.5oz Cajun Beef Jerky - 1.75oz
Cajun Beef Jerky (8oz) Cajun Beef Jerky (3.5oz) Cajun Beef Jerky (1.75oz)
Cajun Beef Jerky - Slabs Cajun Beef Jerky - Strips

Western Cut Cajun Flavored Slabs

Western Cut Cajun Strips
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