Buffalo Bills Mild Beef Jerky

Mild Beef Jerky “Mild,” when attributed to a snack, often gets a bad rap. The stigma attached to “mild” is that the flavor must be less than stellar. We’re happy to say that is not the case with our Mild Country Cut beef jerky.

Let’s face it. Not everyone who likes beef jerky also likes spicy food, nor should they. But that doesn’t mean they must endure a flat, flavorless snack experience.

Thick cuts of lean beef strips are mildly spiced with paprika, garlic, and other secret spices, to create a smoky snack that is high in protein, but not low on flavor. For a mildly spicy change of pace, try our Mild Country Cut jerky, or our other jerky cuts that have milder spice profile – Premium Hickory, Western Style Original, and Premium Beer Jerky.

The best beef jerky Best jerky I have had...And I've had my share of Beef Jerky!

This is by far the best jerky I have had. I LOVE beef jerky and this has the best combo of spice and beef flavor. It is also super fresh out of the bag.” – Douglas D. (Amazon reviewer)

Country Cut - Thicker Strips
The Country Cut beef jerkies are our hottest-selling products. Buffalo Bills Country Cut Mild Beef Jerky is cut into thicker strips that give a good chew while not being “chewy.”
Mild Beef Jerky - 8oz Mild Beef Jerky - 3.5oz Mild Beef Jerky - 1.75oz
Mild Beef Jerky (8oz) Mild Beef Jerky (3.5oz) Mild Beef Jerky (1.75oz)
Full-Flavor, Low Spice Beef Jerky
While most might think of our Country Cut Mild beef jerky when looking for a milder flavor, we make other jerky flavors that you might consider “mild” as well.

Premium Hickory Jerky Premium Hickory – The Original
Where it all started, back in 1990. Top round beef smoked over hickory and then marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and black pepper. Available in 4 different sizes, cut as either strips or pieces.

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Western Cut Jerky Western Style Cut – Thin Slices
Thinly sliced from whole muscle, 100% U.S-raised beef. Western Cut Original is a mild flavored beef jerky that is available in 1.75oz, 3.5oz, and 8oz packages, as well as in 15-ct slabs.

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Premium Beer Jerky Premium Beer Jerky – The Brew You Can Chew
This specialty jerky is marinated in honey brown ale, mildly seasoned, and then hung in the smokehouse for 24 hours. Beer jerky is available in a 3.5oz pack (bite-size pieces), and 12.5oz and 16oz random size piece packs.

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