Buffalo Bills Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky

Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky Your first bite will have you wondering, “Where is the spicy part?”

While the first few seconds are mildly sweet, the black pepper-fueled heat begins to build shortly after. This is not a “hot” jerky, however Buffalo Bills classic Western-style Sweet n’ Spicy beef jerky does contain a medium amount of spice, which is tempered by the sweetness from the teriyaki sauce and natural brown sugar.

The mild heat from the pepper magnifies the delicious natural meat flavor, as the battle between sweet and spicy for taste bud control intensifies with each bite – who will win? The more the savory and sweet flavors mix, the more you will begin to realize that it is you who is the real winner for purchasing such an amazing jerky!

The best beef jerky Awesome stuff!

“I always ordered the western cuts in the small bags because I was...well, the price scared me a bit. However, I just bit down and ordered the large bag and I am not disappointed! It's the perfect amount of salty and sweet. Chewy enough, tender enough, and perfectly AWESOME! I wish I could get a bigger bag in constant supply. Seriously this is one of the best jerky I have ever had.” — HJ Hong (Amazon reviewer)

Sweet & Spicy Jerky Packs
Buffalo Bills Sweet & Spicy jerky is available in several packages. This whole-muscle, tender jerky has been a hit with customers since its introduction in 1999.

Ingredients: 100% U.S-raised beef, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, water, garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder, liquid smoke, sodium nitrite.
Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky - 8oz Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky - 3.5oz Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky - 1.75oz
Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky (8oz) Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky (3.5oz) Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky (1.75oz)
Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky - Slabs Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky - Strips

Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky Slabs

Sweet n' Spicy Beef Jerky Strips

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