Introduced in 1999, Buffalo Bills Western Cut Beef Jerky continues to be a hit with those who enjoy a true, Western-style jerky. Made solely with whole muscle, US-raised beef, this style of beef jerky is thin-sliced, a little dry, yet still tender. Cut into 7" x 1.5" strips, each 16oz disposable jar of Buffalo Bills Western Cut Jar Jerky contains 32 unwrapped strips of beef jerky. Each jerky strip weighs approximately 0.5oz. Available in 5 distinct flavors - Black Pepper, Cajun, Original, Sweet 'n Spicy, and Teriyaki. Our Teriyaki flavor was chosen as one of the Top 4 Beef Jerkys in the USA by Backpacker Magazine.
Buffalo Bills Western Cut Beef Jerky Strips - 32-Ct Jars
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Product ID: WCJAR-MO
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Unit Size: 32 Unwrapped Strips Per Jar


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  • Black Pepper - MO-14
  • Cajun - MO-15
  • Original - MO-16
  • Sweet n Spicy - MO-17
  • Teriyaki - MO-18
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