Our Buffalo Bills LolliCubes are cube-shaped lollipop suckers that are bursting with fun flavors in rich, vivid colors. Available in 3 flavors - Bubble Gum (pink), Cotton Candy (light blue) and Huckleberry (really dark purple), each flavor is true to its name. Each 30oz tub contains 40 individually wrapped 0.75oz suckers. The cube itself is approximately 1” square and the entire sucker is approximately 4” in length.

These unique shaped lollipops are perfect for baby showers, weddings, party decorations, or handing out to your friends and co-workers when you have a new baby girl or boy. They also make a great gift, party favor, and piñata filler.

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Buffalo Bills LolliCubes (Cube Lollipops) - 40-ct Tubs
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Unit Size: 40 Wrapped Suckers Per Tub


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