Christmas Stockings

Buffalo Bills Christmas Gift StockingsEach one of our exclusive Buffalo Bills Red Christmas Gift Stockings are "packed to order" to ensure that you (or your gift recipient) receive the freshest product possible. Rather than using a frilly basket as our base, we use a high quality, “Made in the USA” fleece Christmas stocking that can be reused for a number of years.

Our Buffalo Bills Red Christmas Gift Stockings measure 19”h x 6”w and have a red loop for mantel hanging. This classic stocking is handmade for us in Minnesota and shows quality in every stitch – unlike many holiday stockings that are made overseas. Of course, the best feature of our Christmas stockings is that each one is filled with Buffalo Bills Premium Snacks! And at no additional charge, we can include a handwritten 5" x 4" postcard conveying your personalized message.

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