Nutritional Info

If you're looking for a wide assortment of great tasting low carb snacks and low calorie snacks then you've come to the right place! Buffalo Bills has been offering low carbohydrate snacks and low calorie snacks since the first day we opened our doors in 1990 - years before low carb diets became popular. The majority of our products work great for those on the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet and NutriSystem Diet.

As a convenience to our customers, we have created two documents which provide nutritional and ingredient related details for each of the products sold on our website. Should you require additional information, please free to email us.

Our Nutritional Summary provides the basic nutritional data for each product – i.e. serving size, calories, carbohydrates, fat calories, total fat, sugars, sodium, and protein. Please note that the products are listed in numerical order according to the product's item number.

Click here to view Nutritional Summary (in PDF format) Nutritional Summary

Our Ingredient Summary provides the list of ingredients used in each product. Please note the products are listed as they appear on our website.

Click here to view Ingredient Summary (in PDF format) Nutritional Summary