Buffalo Bills Premium Hickory Beef Jerky Strips - 12.5oz

Buffalo Bills Premium Hickory Beef Jerky Strips - 12.5oz
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Price: $37.99
Product ID: MO-01
Brand: Buffalo Bills


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Min/Max Order: 25
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Unit Size: 25 Unwrapped Strips Per Bag


Our classic hickory smoked beef jerky in 7" strips. Each 12.5oz bulk bag has 25 unwrapped jerky strips. Introduced in 1990, our Premium Hickory "Hung in the Smokehouse" Beef Jerky is the product our company was founded upon. Marinated in soy sauce, garlic and black pepper, this mildly flavored beef jerky is still our #1 selling product after all these years.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by aaroninnj
10/30/2014 - 10:36:42 AM
Gold Standard
Jerky doesn't get any better than this! Just the right mix of salt, smoke and beef.
Reviewed by quotemando
quotemando bought "Buffalo Bills Premium Hickory Beef Jerky Strips - 12.5oz" on our website
03/29/2014 - 12:50:06 PM
I make my own jerky from time to time, beef and venison both. I have tried ALOT of other jerky. I stopped at a local gas station/mini market and they had a jar of hickory jerky on the counter I had not seen before. As allways I was hungery and curious, so I asked the clerk for a piece when I checked out. I went to my truck, bit off the end, and proceeded to go back into the store. I asked the clerk if I could buy a whole bag/box/carton, or whatever it was shipped in. Long story short-I saw the name on the jar, got online, and the rest is history-as you have just received my second of many to come orders. When I see quality in a product, all my friends will see it to. GREAT JOB GUYS ! !
Happy Fisherman