Our Buffalo Bills Gold Nugget Bubble Gum is the nostalgic candy from years gone by - the golden nugget bubble gum in a classic black 2oz burlap bag. This fruity and juicy flavorful gum is certain to bring back some memories, and introduce today's kids to the best gum ever - past or present! The real “Buffalo Bill” (aka William F. Cody) was struck with gold fever at age 14. And his legend still lives, on this little bag of gold nuggets – a chewy treat for prospectors young and old.

Each case of Buffalo Bills Gold Nugget Bubble Gum contains 320 individual black burlap bags of bubble gum and each bag of bubble gum weighs 2oz.

Buffalo Bills Gold Nugget Bubble Gum - 320-Ct Cases
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Product ID: MO-148
Your Price: $329.99
Unit Size: 320 Burlap Bags of Gum Per Case


Min/Max Order: 1 / 4

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