Herb’s Pickled Hot Sausages look like a firecracker but they taste like a pickled sausage! Made with US-raised beef and chicken (no pork), each sausage has only 1 carb and 60 calories. Each Pickled Hot Sausage is individually wrapped, weighs 0.7oz, and measures 4.5”. Packed 24 sausages per cup. Buffalo Bills Premium Snacks is proud to have teamed up with Herb’s Snack Foods to offer our shoppers these quality Pickled Hot Sausages – a product that they have been making since 1939. Experience counts!
Herb’s Pickled Hot Sausages 0.7oz Wrapped - 24-ct Cups
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Product ID: MO-210
Your Price: $19.99
Unit Size: 24 Wrapped Sausages Per Cup


  • Buy 3 to 4 and save $2.00 on each
  • Buy 5 to 25 and save $3.00 on each
Min/Max Order: 1 / 25

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